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Bhakti Yoga - The Path of Devotion

Taught by Madhupuri Das and Loren Russo 

In this class be prepared to do asanas, pranayama. meditation, mantra infused vinyasa with teachings from our ancient Vedic texts that include yogic philosophy. 

Bio - Kirtan is an ancient form of mantra meditation, a component of bhakti-yoga (the yoga of devotion), which has the power to open and purify the heart. This chanting, accompanied by musical instruments and rhythmic drumming, brings the audience to its feet in the joy of singing, clapping, and dancing with pure devotion. In its heartfelt expression kirtan can induce profound states or meditation, bliss, and ecstasy.

Madhu has been practicing and teaching kirtan for many years in the bhakti-yoga tradition. His deep love of music and its vast potential for expressing and developing pure devotion has inspired him to use kirtan as a means to share this devotional treasure with seekers throughout the world. Playing throughout India and North And South America, his passion for kirtan has inspired and enlivened persons from all cultural backgrounds.

Mādhurī Pūra Dāsa offers Kirtan music training lessons for learning how to lead and participate in Kirtan, vocal and instrument training, and the history and philosophy of Kirtan for beginner,  intermediate and advanced level. One will learn the mood, mechanics and methodologies of ancient devotional chanting and how to integrate it into ones daily life for divine connection.