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8 Limbs - The Ashtanga Yoga Path

This is a philosophy class and will be discussed throughout training to deepen all participants understandings in the origins of the practice. Non contact hours will include reading, summarizing the 4 chapters of the Yoga Sutras. Describe who is Patanjali, how does he describe shraddha, movements of mindstuff, ishvara, and  what the 9 interruptions or distractions to yoga are. Also included in non contact hours are name and translate the 4 title chapters, explain kris yoga, and the kleshas.

Students will learn origins of yoga, the history of the philosophy of Raja Yoga  and how yoga has evolved into what we practice today. After reading from the Yoga Sutras  and studying the eight limbs of yoga, each student will give a presentation on one of the eight limbs. Must learn and memorize the Yamas and Niyamas, and at least be able to teach one yoga sutra by the end of the course. 

Instructor: Loren Russo
Lunch included

Earlier Event: March 17
Later Event: March 23