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14 Day Ashtanga Challenge

What do you stand to gain by committing to something powerful? Would you like to be stronger in body, mind and spirit?

Let your curiosity loose and join us for a

14-day Ashtanga** (ash-TAHN-gaa) challenge!

Be witness to the very noticeable ways that things begin to shift ... in your practice, your body, your life. 

Whether you are new to the mat or a seasoned practitioner, this is an opportunity to experience the benefits of a consistent yoga practice with a group of people who are equally committed, each of us there to support one another. 

We will practice a basic 45 minute ashtanga sequence that will remain the same each day so that you are able to gauge and track your progress in each posture. At the end of the practice, 800 am there will be a 8 minute silent meditation for those who have time for that. 

If you cannot make it to the class each day, you are encouraged to practice at home. Weather permitting, we’ll take our practice outside a few times. 

July 8 - July 21 :: 7:00am except for Mysore tue/thur can come anytime between 530-830

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